quickly find information from any app - in seconds


Scattered and unfindable information is a productivity nightmare. dot puts an end to the chaos and helps you find, organise, and share resources with your team seamlessly.


find what you need, instantly

No more sifting through irrelevant docs across different apps - dot automatically gathers all links and documents you need for work from your browser history, and allows you to quickly find what you need with universal search. No app integrations required



share docs with all the context

Effortlessly group various resources into a single, easy-to-share document with just a few clicks. Whether you need to organise information for a project, or onboard new hires, dot's smart suggestions make it easy to include all relevant and related resources



stay on top of work

Never forget about important tasks again. No more cluttering your browser with open tabs as reminders - simply create a task for any resource you want to deal with later and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks

quick access
Access dot from anywhere in your browser with the popup command, or from your new tab page
quick actions
Stay focused with a minimalist UI and get things done faster with quick actions and shortcuts
powerful integrations
Unlock even more power and functionality by seamlessly integrating your work apps